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Aloha is a gift from the people of Hawaii to the world. It is the spiritual essence of life. The Aloha Spirit elevates, empowers and ennobles us and keeps Hawaii the uniquely special place that it is. The ‘Aloha Spirit Law’ is an actual law recorded in 1986 in the Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 5-7.5. It acknowledges that the Aloha Spirit was the working philosophy of native Hawaiians. According to the law, all Hawaii citizens and government officials must conduct themselves with ALOHA SPIRIT:

AKAHAI - Kindness, to be expressed with tenderness. LŌKAHI - Unity, to be expressed with harmony. OLU’OLU - Agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness.

HA’AHA’A - Humility, to be expressed with modesty. AHONUI - Patience, to be expressed with perseverance . Today, more than ever, the ‘Aloha Spirit Law’ deserves our support as a model law for humanity. By inculcating the ALOHA SPIRIT into our daily life, we all can move toward world peace!

This art was entirely created with repurposed natural materials from our own property. Imbedded on the back of each panel is the design of the sacred ‘Aloha Spirit Law’ written by Auntie Pilahi Pakî.

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