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For the 2019 exhibition “Reaching Out” on Maui, RayBella collaborated with Wide Garcia. The purple haired 83 year young eloquent poet, outspoken peace activist and multifaceted social artist introduced us two years ago to the legacy of Pilahi Paki, known as the “Keeper of Secrets in Hawaii”.

He passionately shared Auntie Pilahi’s vision of the deeper meaning of ALOHA, which was officially recorded in the Hawaii Revised Statutes as the ‘ALOHA SPIRIT LAW’. According to the law all Hawaii citizens and government officials must con- duct themselves with ALOHA SPIRIT. In our collaboration with Wide we explored the deeper meaning of Auntie Pilahi’s prophecy, delving beyond the actual written words, discovering one of the greatest gifts from the people of Hawaii to the world.

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