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RayBella are Raymond & Gabriella Moliné, a spirited artist couple, residing on Maui. Their work is inspired by the power of intentional manifestation and the energetic --- of Hawaiian culture

RayBella’s art pieces are designed to create balance and harmony, heal, and inspire possibility. Each piece of art is intentionally designed to enhance the ecology of the space in which it resides. It naturally elevates the vibrational state of the observer. 

we strive with every piece to transmit the energy of freedom onenesss, exceptance and harmony.

Ray and Bella are deeply committed to expand beyond conditioned beliefs and social limitations. Their source of inspiration is Life itself. In order to access their innermost emotional and visual libraries, they utilize a conscious meditative technique. RayBella’s contemporary style offers a unique perspective and an experience of the unexpected.

The PONOSCAPES series reflects our background in energy transformation, metaphysics and healing arts. Our life’s passion is centered on the research and innovation of relationships. PONOSCAPES are the creative expression of the connection that exist between all beings.

The PONOSCAPES art series features hidden Energy Tattoos inspired by Sacred Geometry. Each of the 17 vials on the back of each piece of art is infused with high frequency materials. They are precisely 

positioned to create a balanced energetic field that radiates and transforms the ambiance of a space. This re-alignment allows the viewer to experience harmony and healing, thus activating our full sensory spectrum, often beyond the traditional five senses.

Being in the presence of a PONOSCAPE evokes a sense of  harmony, joy, healing and the energy of love.

 In Hawaiian culture the truth is often hidden in plain sight. It is about the subtleties, rather than what is apparent at a first glance. PONOSCAPES are an invitation to look beyond the obvious. It is our intention to convey what is concealed within the message. In the absence of any literal or visual reference the viewer is encouraged to explore and discover. There is no hidden agenda, no directive, only a feeling-based interaction to engage the observer on the cellular level. A beautiful gateway to the inner Self. PONOSCAPES are a form of visual mediation, the beginning of a relationship within. 

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Raymond Moliné

Tel: 310-471-5299

Gabriella Moliné
Renaissance Woman

Tel: 310-985-5550


We are Ray (Raymond) and Bella (Gabriella) Moliné, a multi-dimentional artist couple residing on Maui, Hawaii. We elude any specific definition as our creative projects are ever-changing, like the present moment. 


We understand the energetic power of intension which is infused in each of our art creations. When producing a PONOSCAPE painting or a sculpture, we maintain the pure frequency of pono - balance, peace, and excellence. This is our sacred process that is unseen by the eye, an element that permeates the paint, wood, metal and canvas of each piece.


Our contemporary style offers a unique perspective and an experience of the unexpected.

We especially like commissions which offers us the opportunity to precisely meet the wishes of each client. Our passion soars with every chance to personalize a customized piece to the desired size, color palette and theme. As conduits for Paradigm Shifts it is exciting for us to match the frequencies in the energy tattoos to transform the ecology of the intended space.

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