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IN LOVE WITH MAUI is a visual love letter, a contemporary abstraction of a poem that the multi-faceted artist team ‘RayBella’ penned as a homage to their cherished island home. Spread over 12 individual wooden panels (each 4” x 60”), the large 5’ x 5’ visualization of a love letter is segmented by metal strips into 36 sections. Each panel represents a meaningful location of extreme beauty, sacred places and powerful experiences on Maui.

From the limitless skies above majestic Haleakala, through Upcountry’s green meadows, wave breaking shores and calm tropical beaches, down to the bottom of the ocean and even further... to the fiery center of Mother Earth.

While each of the 36 sections are small unique pieces of art on their own, they are forever united by an overarching ancient Energy Tattoo that spans the entire wall sculpture. This historic representation of the rich cultural wisdom of the Hawaiian people high- lights the power of a community that is connected to each other and united in spirit.

As with each of ‘RayBella’s’ creations, the unseen backside holds a Secret Code to enhance the ecology of the room in which this art work resides: The original poem that inspired this art work is printed on the backside across all 12 panels to hold the ener- getic impression of each marvelous experience on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

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