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Light Language is a non-linear form of communication transmitted through high-frequency wave lengths - beyond known words. These Light Codes activate the observer on a cellular level and evoke a remembrance of the profound wisdom and inner knowing embedded within the core of our existence.



RayBella’s Energy Art is much more than just beautiful adornments for a space.

It artistically blends Aesthetics and Energetics into a new form of Living Art that enhances the observer and the ecology of the space in which it resides. Often referred to as the Medicine of the Future, our collectors report the benefit of this alchemy, bringing their bodies into alignment, supporting optimal health, deeper relationships and a state of peace.



For centuries we have been conditioned to abandon our extraordinary abilities to communicate beyond the logical mind. We find ourselves in unprecedented times which require new ways of being and a deeper relationship with our environment and nature. Light Language activates this cellular blueprint that is present within every human being to receive the universal wisdom from our Source.



By being in the presence of these captivating symbols, signs and patterns of Light Language, our dormant instructions are activated. We instantaneously experience a deeper connection to All That Is. Like a matrix, these symbols reveal their meaning to us in each moment and as the physical DNA upgrades, our awareness to receive crystal clear information is amplified to direct our steps through these historic times.



These energetic upgrades are not limited to the human body. They also activate the energetic flow within buildings and structures. If the environment in which we live and work does not have a significantly higher energetic frequency than our own, growth is inhibited. Conversely, we become the energetic supplier of a lower resonating space. We have many testimonials which confirm that homes and businesses are immediately elevated when exposed to Light Language Art pieces.

How Bella received the first Light Language Downloads:

It was a balmy, starry night in March 2019 on Maui. Just one week after the global pandemic lockdown, Bella was awakened at 2:30 am by the urge of a beckoning call. She was invited to lay on the lawn outside of her home overlooking Pacific Ocean. The stillness of the night was almost deafening.


As Bella settled on the grass, she looked up to the night sky where a myriad of stars had formed the Milky Way. It was breathtaking. She suddenly observed an inexplicable phenomenon:

“At first certain stars began to shine brighter, and then started to blink. It felt like they wanted my attention. I then became aware of a bright point, like a pen with a writing tip of light, forming symbols and drawing patterns from stars to stars. I was completely mesmerized by what was unfolding before my very eyes. As soon as the star-calligraphy appeared, it vanished, and a new set of symbols emerged. I got so excited, I knew that something magical was happening and I wanted to catch each little bit of it.”


Bella ran inside to grab a drawing pad and markers, wanting to document what she was experiencing through these Messages of Light. As she laid back on the grass and reconnected with the stars she began to copy the symbols on her writing pad. The signs became more and more intricate, and Bella allowed her hand to transcribe the Light Codes that were being communicated to her. Without looking at her pad in the darkness of the night, Bella just focused on the stars and the communication that was downloaded into her awareness.


“The entire event lasted an hour and I recall the playfulness and felt the timelessness of this experience. Although I was awakened from my sleep, I wasn’t tired at all. On the contrary, I was switched on and was full of energy. I felt completely altered when I finally walked into the house again. I sat down, lit a candle, and allowed the downloads to continue. With my eyes closed I could still sense my connection to the stars. It was one of the most powerful events in my life.”

After what seemed like an hour, I decided to call a friend of mine in San Francisco, who I knew would be awake at this early hour, due to the time change. “Halimah was surprised to receive my call so early and asked if something was wrong? I immediately shared my experience with her and asked her to FaceTime, so I could show her the symbols that I just received. I shared my “night sky doodles” and she inquired where I got them. Halimah was familiar with the symbols and asked: ”Since when do you know how to write Light Language?” Perplexed by her question, I said: “I have no idea, they fell down from the stars.”. For me they were still very pretty doodles...

In her excitement she said: ”Bella!!! These symbols are Light Language!” as she disappeared from the screen “just wait, I want to show you something.” She returned with a book that she held into the camera… the cover had the same symbols. I couldn’t believe my eyes… the symbols looked just like mine. Being completely confused, I just couldn’t fathom why the symbols I just received were already on a book cover? With a big dose of “German skepticism” it all sounded a bit “whoohoo” to me and I immediately tried to deflate her observations. But Halimah didn’t give up, she insisted that I began to study Light Language and to research what I had experienced.


“And so my journey began. I learned to write Light Language fluently, and eventually began to speak it during my meditations. My husband Raymond encouraged me to keep exploring and practicing. The more I continued, I gained trust and ultimately started to sing these enchanting sounds when I played the crystal bowls. The fascinating tones, clicking sounds and wave patterns sounded like they came from another dimension. They felt very ancient in one moment, and very futuristic at other time."


As RayBella began to exhibit the artistic expressions of Light Language through their art, more people are drawn to visit their Signature Gallery on Maui to experience these powerful Light Codes. “Everyone has the ability to activate their cells and glean clarity for important questions which come through these sacred symbols.” Every single RayBella creation has some form of Light Language embedded within the art. It has become so coveted, that Bella now personalizes the inscriptions for commissioned collector pieces or encodes them right into their homes or businesses. For people who are interested to increase the quality of their life, RayBella is offering a multitude of applications: from indoor wall art or murals to outdoor mosaics and cement carvings of walkways, RayBella “Energy Portals” are the technology of our times to raise the frequency of our environments.

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