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‘Lokahi’ is a Hawaiian word, which translates to oneness, unity, and harmony. It is the value of cooperation and collaboration.‘Lokahi’ teaches us to pursue balance where individual strengths are recognized, cohesive similarities are valued and characteristic differences are appreciated.

Since Ray and Bella work as an artistic team, they use the frequency of ‘Lokahi’ to bring their creative forces into alignment in order to be most effective in their collaborative efforts. The unity in ‘Lokahi’ does not mean sameness! Ray and Bella seek harmony and synergy through the kaleidoscope of their differences and resonate on all these registers.


A true understanding of ‘Lokahi’ sees the variety and spectrum of our distinctions and diversities. It gives us the freedom to diverge on our own paths. Pulled through opposition, each plays their part in creating something new. In the end everyone comes together in unity to converge for creativity joy and love – that’s ‘Lokahi’!

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