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Since childhood Bella dreamed of her place in paradise. Envisioning the hues of the Pacific Ocean kept her dream alive, while she resided on the other side of the world. Today her dream has come to fruition, RayBella’s home on Maui has a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

MAUI DREAMING is their gift of gratitude for this magnificent place of paradise: Inhabiting the largest ocean in the world, the South Pacific is a truly spectacular explosion of aquatic hues. The aquamarine coastlines surrounding the island chain of Hawaii is one of the main reasons many flock to our paradise.


The crystalline waters encircle the shores like sapphire necklaces. Turquoise waves breaking on soft white beaches, silver dolphins and grey whales playing in the warm waters. Light blue skies reflected in the depths of deep blue sea, afternoon sunlight creating thousands of magnificent diamonds on the surface. All surrounded by lush green vegetation and tropical flowers with every color of the rainbow.

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