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The abstract design of the flag for the “UNITED NATIONS OF PONO” represents the shift in human awareness towards higher consciousness. It symbolizes the core elements vital to facilitate the shift into the New Paradigm. This New Paradigm is marked by an expansion of the inner space of heart and mind to experience freedom from the illusions that control and manipulate our life. It is the re-awakening of our true nature, the acceptance of the inter-dependent connection to all things.

As our human family transcends the toxic nature of our processed-sedentary lifestyle into the acceptance of self-responsibility (PONO), a new perspective on
life is revealed. We honor the stewardship of our environment, support the purification of our natural food resources, commit to the healing of mental and physical health, participate in restoring our spiritual connection, and allow for the re-alignment of purpose, strength and courage to redirect our collective path.

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