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Raise your Vibration and Optimize Your Environment

For residential spaces, business, receptions, hospitality and retail spaces

CoCreate with RAYBELLA

For the first time Ray and Bella are opening their creative atelier and letting you in on their proprietary processes and sacred encodements that has led to their artistic success.

Under their guidance you become part of the personalized creation of your ESSENCE painting for your home, office or workspace. You may not be an artist, but your participation in the art creation is an extension of you and a way to express your creativity and personality.

Together with you - in co-creation - Ray and Bella will 'source' your unique art piece as a legacy of who you truly are. You will learn so much about yourself and the hidden messages that are waiting for you to be discovered. RayBella can create with you alone, or together with your spouse, your entire family, or your team in your business or organization? You will get to know each other on a deeper level and as professional coaches Ray and Bella will guide you through a powerful process that will uncover your unique characteristics and essential virtues that make up your True Essence.

Bella and Ray-567.jpg

The perfect Alchemy of sacred encodements, custom designed energy tattoos, light language and sound signatures is blended to elevate the frequency of the spaces that surround your artwork. Ray and Bella will fill your living space with something extraordinary, a piece of art that fills you up every single day, something you have always wanted. If you have a need for a particular kind of artwork to complete your vision, whether on a large scale, a series of paintings, or a small art piece, please contact us.


The alchemy in RayBella’s artistic creations offers both, a visual and sensory experience. Each work of art is an invitation to experience the unexpected. Concealed within the art pieces are hidden messages which generate an energy field of alignment. Utilizing a proprietary protocol of Sacred Encodements, RayBella infuse signature expressions of Energy Tattoos, Light Language, Spectrograms and Sacred Geometry to activate non-verbal connection beyond the intellect's reach. This inspired combination of artistic mediums, sacred symbols and the vibration of ALOHA are uniquely blended to open gateways into a heightened world of the 5th Dimension of Love.


Choose Your Style:

  • Visit our Online Galleries for Paintings and Wall Sculptures and see which style speaks to you, just let us know your favorites. Please send us a pic of the environment where you like to place your personalized piece of art, so we can feel out your space.


Choose Your Color Scheme:

  • Share which colors speak to you, samples/pics of fabrics, material etc. will work too. Get inspired by our Online Galleries or send us a pic of something that is close to what you envision.


Choose Your Size/Shape/Form:

  • Determine the size that you like to see, we custom-build any size that you like. Which form, square/rectangle, horizontal or vertical shape do you prefer? Again, feel free to review our Online Galleries to give us some ideas or send us a pic of something that you love.


We can capture the essence of your company, your mission, vision and purpose to motivate your staff and inspire your clientele. We specialize in large format paintings and wall sculptures, and create art for your business, reception areas, board rooms, office areas and communal spaces.


RayBella welcome collaborations with interior designers, art consultants, architects and general contractors, developers and contractor to co-create your unique vision of art in any size, color palette and themes. Personalized commissions offer the opportunity to meet the precise wishes of each client. Feel free to contact us for further information.


1. Private session with Ray and Bella

We will get to know you in a personalized 2-hour-Session via Zoom or FaceTime (or in Person if you are on Maui) and guide you through a powerful coaching process that determines your true Essence. Bring your ideas, questions, even just a feeling you would like to experience in the presence of your new Essence painting, and we match it with the right energetic components to make your piece of art come alive. Together we name your artwork and so the dance of creation begins.

2. An Email with your Design

We show you a layout of your proposed artwork, so you can feel into it and make any necessary adjustment that you prefer.

3. Beginning of Creation

Once we are aligned on the design, we start to carefully handcraft every aspect of your piece of art. We are focused on making your vision a reality and choose only the finest materials. Please allow a 2-3-month turnaround for this artistic development, as your painting can have up to a hundred layers that need to dry fully between each application.

4. Regular Updates

You will be part of the creation process of your personalized piece of art. You will receive regular updates on our progress by sending you digital previews/photos/videos and welcome your creativity to flow into this painting.

5. Approval Session

At the end of the creation process you will have the final say. We will meet again over Zoom or FaceTime to reveal your personal creation to you. We keep working until you start whooping with delight. After your approval we will complete and seal your artwork, before it will be carefully packaged and shipped out to you.

6. Certificate of Authenticity

All RayBella art pieces are hand signed and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

7. Tax-deductible Invoice

We include an invoice that is tax-deductible if you are buying art for your business. Not only does an art investment make sense from a taxation perspective, but it can also yield a future investment potential. Far from being a depreciating capital asset, our artwork has doubled in value over the last 4 year period.

Please contact us for details and to set up a complimentary call to discuss your personalized ESSENCE ART PAINTING.

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