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Evoking our highest human potential

Social artistry is the attempt to address or recognize a particular social issue using art and creativity. Social Artistry increases our human capacities in the light of social complexity. It offers new ways of being amidst social challenges in this world. 


Social artists are people who use creative skills to work with people or organizations in their community to affect change. While a traditional artist uses their creative skills to express their take on the world, a social artist puts their skills to use to help promote and improve communities. Thus, the main aim of a social artist is to improve society as a whole and to help other people find their own means of creative expression.

We cannot separate the well-being of an individual from the health of the universal family. What happens to One, happens to All.          - RayBella


Raymond and Bella Moliné have been very involved in their local community. They have donated their expertise, resources and time to support social causes and have offered many transformative seminars free of charge to the public. The couple has been available to help anyone interested in improving their human experience and to becoming fully activated to evoke their innate power. All of their projects have been self-funded.

For the past decade RayBella have been diligent in their pursuit of spreading the message of ALOHA. They are passionate in building cultural bridges and aim to creatively educate people around the world about powerful Hawaiian knowledge that holds the potential for a much needed paradigm shift.


Our world is in deep conflict, chaos and division. We urgently need a paradigm shift in human consciousness, a heart-centered solution that benefits all, rather than just a few.


Raymond and Bella are committing their life’s work to sharing this powerful message beyond the shores of the Hawaiian Island. Their intention is to touch people’s hearts, to inspire and elevate values, and to share their spirit through their visual art creations and installations. They are creating a multifaceted cultural celebration of the Hawaiian Spirit to deliver a vibrant experience of the innate life-force in all of us.


ALOHA is the unwavering ethical commitment and core of RayBella’s life work and purpose. Their vision is a world of harmony, cross-cultural compassion and unlimited potential. When the energetic vibration of a human being is raised to the frequency of ALOHA, there is a remembrance of our divine nature and our universal connection to all that exists. A world of ALOHA.


Living a meaningful life is the first step to healing ourselves and bringing greater balance to our communities and the world. The responsibility lies with each of us to create peace and kindness within, and to extend that to others. We are in need of cultural creatives and social solutionaries to guide our communities towards realignment and peace. It’s time to write new stories for human collaboration and coexistence.


RayBella are committed to focus their creativity on designing and building art pieces to activate peace and re-alignment within humanity. They create multi-sensory, multi-dimensional experiences, reaching deep into the heart of every observer, inspiring a transformative experience to understand the true meaning of ALOHA. RayBella have the clear vision on how to bring this traveling exhibition to life, and will require financial support for space, supplies, equipment and monthly overhead to see it through.


When WE Shine Foundation is the official fiscal sponsor for RayBella’s projects. When WE Shine Foundation is excited to partner with RayBella for their ambassadorial journey in launching Social Artistry Projects that carry the message of ALOHA.

When WE Shine Foundation is based in the Hawaiian Islands, the home of aloha. The concept of aloha is a model for mindful living, which teaches how to treat ourselves, others, the land, the waters, and all existence, a reminder of the sacredness of life.

When WE Shine Foundation is a fully accredited 501c3 non-profit corporation. Along with our arts education, integration and social artistry network partners, we are driven by the impulse to illuminate the full spectrum of human potential through art, music, and education.


For more information call Melinda Caroll at When WE Shine @ 808.330.4320 or email your questions to

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