Beyond the Obvious.

Art has the power to change our world. It is a subtle means of communication that bypasses intellectual barriers and allows for immediate heart-to-heart connection. Each piece that we create is intended to energetically optimize, balance, connect and heal what is in misalignment.

The Sacred Encodements open up gateways to the inner Self. This is part of our sacred process that is unseen by the eye, an element that permeates the paint, wood, metal and canvas of each work of art.


It is RayBella’s intension to activate within each person an energy field of connectivity for a deeper relationship with Source. Utilizing a proprietary protocol of Sacred Encodements, they infuse signature expressions of Energy Tattoos, Light Language, Spectrograms and Sacred Geometry to activate non-verbal connection beyond the intellects reach. This inspired combination of artistic mediums, sacred symbols and the vibration of ALOHA are uniquely blended to open gateways into a heightened world of the 5th Dimension of Love.


 Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that explores the energy patterns that create and unify all things. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes. We recognize configurations of geometry used in the design of sacred architecture and sacred art. The back of each piece of art features sacred geometric forms: the ‘Seed of Life’, ‘Flower of Life’, ‘Sri Yantra’,  ‘Tree of Life’, Pentagon, Torus, Lotus Mandalas, Star Tetrahedron, and many more.


 Each Energy Tattoo is unique and transmits a frequency that naturally elevates the vibrational state of the observer. Each of the glass vials is infused with high frequency materials and specifically placed to create a synergistic connection. Inserted deep within the wood these vials create a relationship with each other, radiating a balanced energetic field that transforms the ambiance of a space. The vials are filled one-by-one in a sacred ceremony, their content is completely aligned with the intension of the artwork. Energy Tattoos contribute to energetic healing, cleansing and transformation. For those who seek to be empowered and inspiration, they can be designed to uplift the spirit and exude potent energies.


 Our human language is commonly an intellectual means to convey information. We use it as a tool for brain-to-brain exchange. Language focusses on words, while communication is centered on the message.

Light Language is a non-linear communication without known words. It is a visceral-based experience of unexplainable symbols or signs that activate a remembrance. Light Language is a subtle heart-to-heart exchange with our higher Self. The high frequency information is transmitted via light utilizing captivating symbols, signs and mythical patterns that resonate with our intuitive knowing.


 A Sound Signature or Spectrogram is a visual representation of a spectrum of frequencies. We capture a picture of a particular sound at that very moment of its purest resonance and add it to our art as another dimension of communication. Each experience is encoded with its own tune, each sound carries a sound signature that we visualize and conceal with in the piece of art. With the inscription of Spectrograms, we visualize the frequencies of sacred sounds, chants, or prayers. We utilize Spectrograms of healing crystalline singing bowls, the sound signatures of sacred places and visualize the vibration of natural elements. The inclusion of this process allows an expansion in our ability to perceive life beyond the five senses.