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RayBella: Synergy in Action

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RayBella, Raymond and Gabriella Moliné are a spirited artist couple, residing on Maui, HI. Their merged backgrounds in consciousness research, quantum physics, metaphysics and bioenergetics have inspired them to design artwork that elevates the vibrational state of the observer. RayBella are contemporary alchemists, merging artistic expressions with healing frequencies and spiritual wisdom to enhance the ecology of the space in which their creations reside.


Raymond and Gabriella cocreate art as a synergistic expression of their love for each other, for the beautiful island that they call home and for the sacredness of the Hawaiian culture. For the past decade RayBella have been diligent in their pursuit of spreading the message of ALOHA, which is the unwavering ethical commitment and core of RayBella’s life work and purpose. They are passionate in building cultural bridges and aim to creatively educate people around the world about powerful Hawaiian knowledge that holds the potential for a vital paradigm shift.

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The alchemy in RayBella’s artistic creations offers both a visual and sensory experience. Each work of art is an invitation to experience the unexpected. Concealed within the art pieces are hidden messages which generate an energy field of alignment. Utilizing a proprietary protocol of Sacred Encodements, RayBella infuse signature expressions of Energy Tattoos, Light Language, Spectrograms and Sacred Geometry to activate non-verbal connection beyond the intellect's reach. This inspired combination of artistic mediums, sacred symbols and the vibration of ALOHA are uniquely blended to open gateways into a heightened world of the 5th Dimension of Love.

RayBella welcome collaborations with interior designers, art consultants, architects and general contractors, to co-create their unique vision of art in any size, color palette and themes. Personalized commissions offer the opportunity to meet the precise wishes of each client. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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We love Collaboration.

We are an artist couple and embrace the challenges that arise from two visions, two perspectives, two skillsets and two cultures. When we come together in co-creation, we combine our individual strengths, giving birth to a new dimension as it merges into one singular artistic creation. We inspire each other to push beyond what is comfortable and encourage one another to dream beyond any limitation.


We are best when we are ONE.

As Twin Flames we share a unique bond. Our synergistic relationship forms a powerful creative union that far exceeds what we could produce individually. When art is created with a harmonic energetic intention, the frequencies transfer to the works and touch the observer at a cellular level. Our collaboration is sacred, we only work when we are in the state of A.L.O.H.A. with ourselves and each other.


We follow the path of ‘IMI OLA – to seek life in its highest form in everything we are blessed to experience.


Bella’s love affair with Maui began when she first visited the islands in the early 80’s. “For decades my heartfelt connection to the Hawaiian culture was fostered by my Hawaiian studies and my beloved Hula Halau ‘Wehiwehi O’Leilehua’.”

Raymond deeply resonates with the core beliefs of the Hawaiian concepts, ALOHA and PONO. “I have truly learned to understand the importance of honoring the AINA (land) and every living being. The MANA (life force) of Mother Maui has heightened my energetic abilities and expanded my spiritual awareness.”


Art has the power to change our world. Its subtle ways of communication bypasses intellectual barriers and allows for immediate heart-to-heart connection. Each piece that we create is intended to energetically optimize, balance, connect and heal what is in misalignment.


The Sacred Encodements open up beautiful gateways to the inner Self. This is part of our sacred process that is unseen by the eye, an element that permeates the paint, wood, metal and canvas of each work of art.

We thrive in Stillness.

In order to access our innermost creative space, we utilize a unique meditative process in which we serve as conduits for universal connection.


Once we are aligned with Source, we request guidance as to which topic, concept or vision inspires our next artistic endeavor. Then we simply let the details fall into place. We stay in complete trust as we continue to allow the universe to commission our future works of art.


Wailea/Makena Magazine, Maui, Hawaii


Wailea/Makena Magazine,

Maui, Hawaii

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