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CRYSTAL WAND TEMPLES are sacred sanctuaries inscribed with Sacred Light Language carved into the wood, that has been gilded with 23 k Gold. Inside the temple there are large crystals with extraordinary gems placed on top of a wand of Petrified Wood, which is natural wood turned into stone via a mineralization process. Over a period of a few million years, those minerals will crystalize. The end result is a rock that appropriates the shape and structure of the original tree.These wands are adorned with natural crystals, handmade beats, leather, on a bed of 23K Gold-Leaf,



Smokey Quartz is a crystal representing our connection to Mother Earth, the power of the sacred Divine Feminine – particularly in her most natural form.It  is a powerful grounding and balancing stone. It gently neutralizes negative vibrations and promotes focus and remaining centered. Smokey Quartz brings emotional calmness, relieving stress or anxiety, rejuvenating from the ground up. It aids concentration, assists in communication difficulties and promotes positive thoughts and action.

 It is detoxifying on all levels, protecting against radiation and electromagnetic smog.


KAUILA HONU- Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

The name fluorite comes from the Latin word flux which means to flow. Green Fluorite is a crystal for healing. It invigorates the body, boosts cellular healing and promotes cellular rejuvenation. Fluorite uplifts the spirit, removes negative energy in your homes or work environment. Fluorites enhance the positive energy around you and assist in finding your true or higher purpose in life, the twinkling delight of Green Fluorite is here to fine-tune your heart.

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