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Dimensions are the various facets that influence the way we observe reality. While one person may perceive an event in a particular way, another individual may report the complete opposite reality. One may be minimally affected by the current global events, while someone else experiences despair, struggle and debilitating fears.


As human beings we choose all the time, but only a few people recognize that most of our choices are subconsciously influenced by conditioned thoughts, beliefs and habits. When we allow fear and anxiety to be in the driver’s seat, we conform to outside forces rather than our own source connection. 


DIMENSIONS expresses the outcomes arising from our choices: Oneness and Connection resulting in Love and Light, or restrictions and limitations contributing to separation and darkness.


It all comes down to the willingness to let go of what sabotages our happiness and to align with what supports our freedom. Choose what does no harm - to others, your community, your environment, and most importantly: your SELF!

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