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There is much joy derived from creating a commissioned piece of art. It allows us the opportunity to infuse our artwork with the energetic frequencies that match the essence of its collector. This Piece of Art below was created for a client of Yvette Crosby, a visionary Maui- based interior designer.

Divine Connection’ became a reflection of the clients innermost essence: We created an abstraction of a Rising Sun, which represents God’s Grace, reminding us of our innate connection to divinity. By incorporating gold leaf (in the carving) and metal, we entreat the protection of golden light, thereby transmuting unsupportive energies. The upper aqua gradient represents the etheric realm and the umber tones in the lower portion of the painting symbolize grounding and our connection to Mother Earth.

The color palette, size and inspiration for this unique painting was developed in conjunction with Yvette and her clients. Through this collaboration the words for the Energy Tattoo on the backside were chosen: LOVE, GRATITUDE, BALANCE, UNITY, COMPASSION, FAMILY, COMMUNITY, FAITH, INTEGRITY, GENEROSITY, JOY, LAUGHTER, HARMONY, GRACE, BEAUTY, and GOD. The frequencies of the energy of each word was infused into the vials to match their wishes.

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